GAFA has found how to bypass GDPR

GAFA has found how to bypass GDPR
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That’s nothing new: Facebook, Google or Microsoft have accepted, under pressure, to respect the GDPR. Those companies adopted the new rules while heavily manipulating users into accepting to share personal data. A class action is getting ready…
Personal data is pure gold to the GAFA. It would have been surprising if they had given it up readily in Europe. It’s the financial backbone of Facebook or Google, and these companies have decided to adopt the General Data Protection Regulation in their own way. Meaning, by manipulating users.

Flawed and unfair presentations to prevent the user’s « informed choice »

The Norwegian Council of Consumers released a report on these trade practices. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are going against the intent of the law. The GDPR asks of companies that they offer an « enlightened choice » on data collection.
Needless to say, the internet giants have a knack for skewing their presentations in order to gain consent. The report points out to four main practices:
  • Activation of the collect option by default
  • Unfair presentation of options related to data collection
  • Complicated interface when it comes to disabling data collection
  • The fact that using the service means implicitly accepting data collection.

Towards an action on a European level?

Faced with these evasions, the Counsel and other EU organizations have contacted national data protection regulators. The idea is to then report the unfair practices at the European level. They will then be able to attack the offenders at the European Court of Justice.