Dreem raises $35M to improve sleep

Dreem raises $35M to improve sleep
Yet another fundraising for Dreem, the French startup that enhances sleep with a connected headband. This funding round should help it pursue its development.
One year ago, the startup Rythm released its start product: the headband Dreem. It enhances sleep using neuroscience. It was such a success that its creators Hugo Mercier and Quentin Soulet rename the startup « Dreem ».

A High-Tech tool to relax the user and help sleep better

This headband came to be after four years of research. The startup did trials in the Hotel-Dieu clinic and tested thousands of different sleeping scenarios. They filed no less than 20 patents. Hence a very efficient product, although fairly expensive (499€). « Our headband incorporates several technologies to monitor brain activity, heart rate, and breathing frequency. Then, our product runs specific sounds that help the user relax and sleep better. It expands the deep sleep phase » explains Hugo Mercier.
It is with the name « Dreem » that the young startup has just raised $35M with initial investors Laurent Alexandre and MAIF Avenir. Two more joined in: heavyweight Johnson & Johnson and the PSIM Fund managed by BPIFrance. In all, since the creation of the startup, Dreem raised 57M€.

The goal: create a « sleep ecosystem »

The money will expand commercialization worldwide but will also allow for more research. « We want sleep to stop being considered as a constraint, which induces anguish and anxiety. We want it to be considered a drive. This quest is complex and long. We will not succeed without a full sleep ecosystem. We -doctors, scientists, institutions, nations, companies, individuals- are all vital to succeed in this quest » says Hugo Mercier.