Mobile games: French Voodoo raises $200,000,000

Mobile games: French Voodoo raises $200,000,000


Late May, the French mobile game specialist Voodoo changed dimension. The startup and its 60 employees raised $200,000 via the Goldman Sachs investment fund. Coming up: Offices in the US, to work closer to Apple and Google.
Voodoo can boast a key spot in French Tech success stories. Founded in 2013, the startup dedicated to mobile phone video games has had some resounding successes. Color Road, Snake VS Blocks or Flying Arrow have all reached worldwide top 50 on the Apple Store or Google Play.

Helix Jump, Color Road, Snake VS Blocks or Flying Arrow: worldwide hits!

The hit-title Helix Jump had 41 million downloads in May only, making it the second most popular game in that period! Every month, the editor’s games gather around 150 million users and the releases are avidly awaited by fans and announcers alike!
Such success drew the attention of wise investors: the bank Golden Sachs, via its West Street Capital Partners VII funds. It entered the capital of the company with $200,000,000 (172 million Euros). « It is a very significant change of scale for us » admits Alexandre Yazdi, co-founder, to Presse Reuters.

Scaling up while getting closer to Apple and Google?

Voodoo was approched by Apple and Google that have been seeking a collaboration with this popular content creator for months. Voodoo should double its staff by the end of the year and will surely open offices in the US, probably in the Silicon Valley.