Announcing Rude List – France’s Startup Database – a database of startups, founders & funders in France.

Dec 10, 2013
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I’m really excited to unveil today the very first screenshot & the launch page for Rude List – France’s Startup Database -,a free & open list of startups, founders, funders & more. While we aren’t ready to open the product up to the public just yet, I wanted to follow up on a promise that I’ve been making for a few months to people, namely that we would create a one-stop location to find information about French startups, their founders & their funders. If you’re interested in being a part of our private beta, leave your name & email here – it’s first come, first serve.

Since 2011, Rude Baguette has been covering the French tech market – nearly 2000 articles to date – and we’re writing more now than ever. We receive press releases about product launches, startup competitions, fundraisings, acquisitions, launches into new markets, and you know what? We want to quantify it all, and we want to make it available to you.

We’ve been tracking information for quite some time – most of our data is sourced from our own articles – however, we filled in a bit of history to make sure we didn’t miss a Business Objects or Kelkoo. Rude List will initially cover everything in France; however, as we begin covering more countries next year, you’ll be able to use Rude List for every country we’re writing about.

We’re powering our search using Algolia – not because they’re French, but because they are the best startup to make search not suck.

*”How do I get listed?”

Rude List is a free & open database; however, I doubt we’ll ever have an open submission process. If you want to get listed, all you have to do is convince one of our writers to write about you – we want Rude List to have the same great editorial line as our blog, and we want people to count on the quality of every listing, so we’ll be updating the information ourselves. If you want to get listed, all you have to do is pitch our writing team at

You can get a glimpse of the product on our launch page (or just above you), and you can follow us on Twitter ( ) and Like us on Facebook (

), though if you want to be the first to beta test Rude List before it launches, I recommend signing up with your email here.