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China-linked hackers exploit a fresh vulnerability in Microsoft Office

China-linked hackers are remotely executing malicious code on Windows systems by exploiting a new Microsoft Office vulnerability known as “Follina.” According to a threat analysis study by security firm Proofpoint, the unpatched Microsoft zero-day vulnerability has already been exploited by hackers associated with the Chinese government.   The security firm announced this week that a hacking […]

<strong>How hackers compromised Zola user accounts to purchase gift cards</strong>

How hackers compromised Zola user accounts to purchase gift cards

Zola has disclosed that some hackers have compromised its users’ accounts to purchase gift cards. The wedding planning startup where couples can create websites, budgets, and gift registries, confirmed that hackers have gained access to its user accounts and denied its system breach. The incident became known last weekend after Zola users reported that their […]