Earlybird acquires new €350M fund for western European startup 

The year is no doubt a progressive one for the European startup ecosystem. The industry has continued to grow exponentially ever since its inception on the continent.  Supported by funds to bolster the activities and affairs of these startups; the funds help early businesses thrive in a healthy space amidst big names.  EarlyBird startup has […]

PocketLaw Secures €14M Deal with Atomico

PocketLaw Secures €14M Deal with Atomico

PocketLaw, a legal Software-as-a-Service startup that focuses on SMEs, has signed a jurisdiction deal with Atomico for a Europe expansion. The €14M deal has bolstered the startup’s annual revenue.  The deal also involves Ben Blume, a partner at Atomico joining the board as a part of the enterprise.  PocketLaw makes it the 4th investment Atomico […]

Here are the top-performing French startups to watch out for

Here are the top-performing French startups to watch out for

Every year, La French Tech, the French government-backed initiative, has always made it a duty to share two French startups rankings, the Next40 and the French Tech 120, annually. The startup rankings involve the 40 and 120 leading performing startups in France. This year’s list is making it the third time the French government has […]

BeSafe Group, an Italian startup, secures €1.2 million for its insurtech

BeSafe Group, an Italian startup, has secured €1.2 million for its insurtech. This is aimed to fasten the development of insurance and tech for European tourism while combining insurtech with travel tech.  The round was jointly agreed upon by CDP Venture Capital Sgr, via its Acceleration Fund and Prana Ventures SICAF.  BeSafe is established to […]

How Finland’s startups attracted unprecedented investment in 2021

Finnish startups witnessed a record-breaking year in 2021 as they pulled a total of €1.2 billion in investment, majorly from foreign venture capital companies. A total of €743 million was poured by Venture capital investors into Finland’s startups, with foreign venture capital companies having €553 million and domestic venture capital firms gulping €190. And all were invested […]

Umba raises $15M, aims to expand into 3 new African markets

Umba, a digital bank functioning in Africa, has raised $15 million in a bid to expand into 3 new African markets. This is coming after two years since the banking platform actualized a seed round of $2 million. The fintech company said it’ll bring accessible and transparent products to people underserved by legacy banks in […]

GoTo raises $1.5 billion in IPO to become Indonesia’s 4th most-valuable firm.

GoTo Group is an Indonesian tech startup and holding company formed in 2021 in a joint venture between Indonesia’s biggest tech companies, Gojek, an e-commerce company, and Tokopedia.  In 2015, the two companies signed a deal that involved Gojek delivering Tokopedia’s products through its services.  The merger between the two companies has raised $1.1 billion […]

The rise of biotech startups and recent trends in the industry

Biotech startups are steadily on the rise. And this comes as no surprise, as these startups are playing pivotal roles in society, providing modern-day solutions to modern-day problems. The United state has the largest number of tech startups in the world, with about five times more than the second position, India. Out of this astonishing […]

Facebook has acquired the UK startup Scape Technologies, with precision ‘AI vision’ location tools

Facebook has acquired the UK company Scape Technologies, a startup offering tools to identify locations more accurately than GPS using AI computer vision, according to Tech Crunch. Few details on the deal have been released, but regulatory filings obtained by Tech Crunch indicate that Facebook has gained majority control of Scape Technologies, in what they estimate […]

Indian ride-hailing firm Ola will launch in London, where Uber faces the loss of its license

The Indian ride-hailing firm Ola will launch in London this February, after transit authorities revoked Uber’s license to operate in the city last year, according to Business Insider.  The service launched in other UK cities in 2018, and was granted a 15-month license to operate in London last July.  To gain a foothold in the UK’s […]