Why France would be better off granting Snowden asylum

Edward Snowden, a former governor contractor who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA), creating worldwide indignation due to the revelation of the major extent of United States spying practices, has generated controversial debate around the globe on the accuracy of publishing confidential material and the need for other countries to grant him […]

Rude Baguette turns 3 Years Old – Looking back, and looking forward

Rude Baguette turns 3 Years Old – Looking back, and looking forward

It seems like so long ago that the Rude Baguette was born, and this last year has been so crucial to us, in terms of finding our stride. Last year on our anniversary article we focused on some of the most important news headlines of the previous 12 months – this year, I want to talk a bit […]

“Digital Sovereignty” can’t be about an OS “made in France”

“Digital Sovereignty” can’t be about an OS “made in France”

The phrase “digital sovereignty” has been all the rage in France since Skyrock CEO Pierre Bellanger first introduced it in 2011: “digital sovereignty is the mastery of our present and our fate as expressed in the use of tech and computer networks”. “No national sovereignty is possible without digital sovereignty. The Internet is a global network entirely […]

La Maison du Bitcoin hosts the first French bitcoin hackathon

La Maison du Bitcoin is hosting the very first French bitcoin hackathon. It will take place on June 13-14-15th in the brand new coworking space, 35 rue du Caire, 2nd arrondissement of Paris. Many entrepreneurs are thinking about working on bitcoin projects in France, but so far only a dozen startups have been launched. The […]

[Interview] Qobuz CEO Yves Riesel talks music and technology

In a second in a series of interviews from MIDEM with leaders from across the digital music industry, I catch-up with Yves Riesel, CEO & Co-Founder of Qobuz Music Group, a growing leader in high definition music streaming and downloads. In a very crowded space with the likes of Spotify and Deezer still on the rise, […]

Minutebuzz in hot water for selling plagiarized love story to Coca Cola

It seems that Shia LaBeouf isn’t the only one getting in trouble for ‘being inspired’ by the works of the others – French viral video site Minutebuzz is in hot water for their most recent viral creation, a video about a young Frenchman who decides to get a last-minute plane ticket to Cancun to surprise […]

Point Nine Capital wishes a Happy New Year with discounts on its entire portfolio company

German VC Point Nine is celebrating New Year in style with some big discounts for its users. Point Nine has funded a number of early stage Internet startups in sectors like online platforms, SaaS, ecommerce and others. If you aren’t familiar with this fund you will certainly have heard of some of its companies, like […]

Growing up Parisian – inside Airbnb Paris

It’s not easy for a Silicon Valley company to come to set up an office in France. The very thought of a foreign company making money off of French citizens gets under the skin of France’s finance minister, and the public discourse around multinational Internet companies has been quite negative in recent years. Airbnb remains […]

The Dublin Startup Scene: A Photo Essay

The following photos were taken by Dan Taylor, cofounder of Heisenberg Media, during a weekend tour in September 2013 organized by the Dublin Tourism Bureau in cooperation with the Dublin Web Summit. The following are his thoughts, opinions, and, above all, his photos. Dublin: the name has become synonymous with European tech. Giant names including […]

With 3.1M€ lead by Ventech, find out how StickyAdsTV became a Top 10 video property in France overnight

Comscore released their monthly report on web traffic and video property traffic from April 2013, and it seems that there is quite a bit of fluctuation in the video traffic space. Dailymotion’s month got even more rough – fresh off a severe rejection by Yahoo who in-turn acquired Tumblr (rebound acquisition much?) – the French […]