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PopUp Immo set to take their retail revolution around the globe

Often the most elegant and successful business ideas are the most straightforward ones. PopUp Immo is looking to address two pressing, basic needs –  brands’ need for visibility with customers at minimal financial investment and commercial real-estate owners’ need to fill their space. With their launch last year, they’ve quickly become the top marketplace in France connecting brands and advertisers with the commercial real-estate sector to […]

Hardware lead John Dimatos on why Kickstarter is opening in France today

Hardware lead John Dimatos on why Kickstarter is opening in France today

Today’s the big day. The day that Kicstarter officially comes to France. Of course, numerous French startups have been long been mounting successful Kickstarter campaigns, but now the can do so from France.  The first big campaign from France, also launched today, is Mixfader – the first connected device for aspiring DJs, developed by DJIT, makers […]

[Interview] Guy Maugis, President of Bosch France "In the connectivity business, there is a new '3S': sensors, software, and services"

[Interview] Guy Maugis, President of Bosch France "In the connectivity business, there is a new '3S': sensors, software, and services"

Although consumer-oriented connected devices have gotten most of the attention in recent years, a clearer picture of the future of IoT, where the both the ‘IoT ecosystem’ as well as ‘Industrial Internet’ as the principal drivers of our connected future, is starting to take shape. Bosch, is one of the principal global leaders of this […]

Indiegogo's Kate Drane "We're building a global community that funds what matters to them, built on trust"

Indiegogo has rapidly grown into a global platform, leading many hardware startups around the world to success. Their rise has been a welcome development for hardware investment shy VCs, given Indiegogo’s solid track record. In fact, since 2013 Indiegogo-backed companies have raised more than $210M in VC funding, including health scanner Scanadu who raised $35M post campaign, fitness tracker Misfit who’ve […]

For FirstMark's Matt Turck "Investing in early stage hardware ventures is not for the faint of heart"

Raising VC money has been a daunting challenge for hardware startups for years.  However, with 25+ billion connected devices expected to come online by 2020, VCs are starting to venture back into the world of hardware. Matt Turck, Managing Director at FirstMark Capital, has long been an advocate of the potential of IoT, and sees the rapid […]

International tops the agenda at the 3rd edition of Lengow's Ecommerce Day

With conferences now in Paris, London and Munich, Lengow’s Ecommerce Day  has grown into an international event of reference for those involved in the Ecommerce sector.  Now in it’s third year, the Paris edition will take place Tuesday, 2 June, with a particular emphasis this year on international. Last year’s Paris Lengow Day grew to 600+ participants. […]

Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings "health is no longer something you begin to think about the day you are sick"

Thanks to their heralded activity trackers and other connected health devices, Withings has quickly grown to be on of the leaders in the “Mhealth” space. Although consumers have been rapidly flocking to their devices, they know that the their devices will only achieve their greatest impact once all players (health care professionals, governments, etc) in the healthcare […]

With big launch and $3 million seed round, FileChat seeks to make the cloud social

In recent years, the concept of the social enterprise has taken the business world, both small and large, by storm. In the early days of this transformation, it was the likes of Yammer (rapidly scooped up in 2012 by Microsoft) and Salesforce’s Chatter, or even Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box who were at the forefront of improving the way we […]

[Interview] Narrative's Martin Källström "Get the product out the door quickly, at low cost and iterate from there"

For hardware startups, reconciling design perfection and speed to market can be a real challenge. Narrative, the  who launched just three years ago and are now a recognized leader in wearable cameras and intelligent photo analysis, understand firsthand how critical mastering this trade-off can be. Fresh-off closing a $8 million Series B, Swedish startup Narrative has experienced […]

[Interview] éolane's Regis Lauret "Today the wireless and wired protocols for M2M and IoT are a real jungle"

Image: Francois Hollande visits éolane. Source: JDD. There’s been a lot of discussion about the billions of connected objects which will come on-line over the next five years.  Much of these objects will not be those consumers interact with directly on a daily basis, but rather the in the Industrial IoT space, dramatically improving production […]