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Holimetrix raises €3.5 Million to quantify impact of TV advertising

We’ve become quite accustomed to knowing every step a user takes on the internet – every scroll, every hover, every second you spend can be measured by a website – and so it makes traditional advertisement like TV & Billboard ads particularly frustrating. On the one hand, we know that TV & Billboard advertisements are […]

Top Talent recruitment isn't just a startup problem. It's an everyone problem.

Top Talent recruitment isn't just a startup problem. It's an everyone problem.

In the startup world, hiring top talent is a full-time job. For a founder, for an HR person, or for an HR team. Recruiters scour LinkedIn profiles, Github repositories, Stackoverflow user profiles, just to find the golden talent-nugget that has yet to be tapped; however, increasingly, startups aren’t just competing with themselves for top talent […]

It's that time of year again in Paris…

It's that time of year again in Paris…

The summer heat has finally come, just in time for the entirety of Paris’ economy to go on vacation. Or at least, that’s what we’re lead to believe. Now that July 15th has passed us by, the dredges of setting up meetings and pushing things forward become infinitely more complicated: your potential client assumes you’re […]

Where are European startups to solve Europe's biggest issues?

On-demand Food Delivery, that’s a Silicon Valley problem. A daily gluten-free meal option, that’s a Silicon Valley problem. I don’t mean that this doesn’t have a global market potential, just that it is clearly a problem first confronted by the Bay Area, and then adapted and adopted in different markets. Two of my colleagues recently […]

SlimPay raises €15 Million to bring Direct Debit to the SaaS industry

Fintech startup SlimPay has raised €15 Million from Prime Ventures, an investment firm with close ties to Ingenico subsidiary Global Collect, the company announced this week. SlimPay currently has 35 employees, 2,000 clients, and processed €2.4 Billion in direct debit payments in 2014. Why eMerchants should choose Direct Debit for debit card The Fintech space […]

Despite pushback from pharmacies, 1001Pharmacies raises €8 Million to become an online European parapharmacy

eCommerce startup 1001Pharmacies has raised €8 MIllion from Newfund, CM-CIC Capital Privé, Xavier Niel, Olivier Mathiot & PKM, the startup announced this week. The new funds come after last August’s struggle with pharmacies led the startup to discontinuing its delivery service for prescription medicine, choosing to focus more on the parapharmaceuticals – their home page […]

Prêt d'Union raises €31 Million to replicate the Lending Club model across Europe.

Peer-to-peer lending platform Prêt d’Union has raised €31 Million from Eurazeo and Priceminister co-founder & business angel Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet. The platform has now provided €200 Million in loans since its launch in Dec. 2011 at a rate of €15 million per month (up from €5 Million per month in September 2013) – not as much […]

OpenDataSoft raises €1.5 Million from Aurinvest to enable smart cities around the world

Open Data API startup OpenDataSoft has raised €1.5 Million from Aurinvest. The startup, founded in 2011, has already enabled cities like Paris, Brussels & Toulouse, as well as large corporations like EDF, Keolis & ERDF as well. Outside of the Francophone regions, OpenDataSoft signed its first American & Australian clients this year. The company spoke […]

Backed by FoxConn, PIQ partners with Mobitee to launch first connected Golf experience

This connected startup seemingly came out of nowhere last month when they announced they’d raised $5.5 Million led by FoxConn. At the time, their platform and sensors left much to the imagination, but this latest product launch announcements gives insight into where PIQ may be headed. PIQ is partnering with Mobitee, who makes the most […]

Recessions & Revolutions: France's Balancing Act.

Photo: Uber protests earlier this year in Madrid. Once again I find myself face-to-face with a digital culture clash. It’s nearly impossible to imagine that Rude Baguette readers haven’t been following as images, videos, news reports, and responses concerning the taxi protest against Uber have reached a new peak. 18 months ago, I wrote about […]