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Get inside the e-commerce bubble with Les meetings e-commerce

On October 12th and 13th, the Hôtel Le Méridien will open its door to Les meetings e-commerce, a full immersion in the e-commerce bubble that will allow professionals to improve their understanding of the technical competencies of the market and to promote their position and strengthen their network. Competition is fierce in the e-commerce market, […]

Taxing Sharing: France's latest digital economy tax targets Airbnb, Blablacar & others

Taxing Sharing: France's latest digital economy tax targets Airbnb, Blablacar & others

Making a bit of money renting your room out on weekends? Filling the extra seats of your car to cover gas costs when you go visit your parents? The French government might start getting their share of the pie, as France’s Senate proposed this week. For people making more than 5,000€ per year off of […]

Launching soon, is poised to take on Apple TV

Launching soon, is poised to take on Apple TV

This past summer, one of the biggest news stories to come out was that Allociné founder Jean-David Blanc had started up another venture, As mysterious as it was volatile, Molotov’s first announcement came not only that it had registered as an official cable TV distributor with France’s broadcasting regulatory body, but that its founders […]

Taking aim at SIGFOX, Orange announces rollout for a LoRa-based IoT Network in 2016

Orange is taking another leap into the Internet of Things, France’s largest telecom company announced today. In addition to their existing line of Orange Home connected products, Orange has announced plans to roll out at network dedicated to the Internet of Things, which will be built on top of the Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWaN, or LoRa […]

You can no longer talk about the Sharing Economy without talking about France

This week’s announcements of Blablacar’s $200 Million Series D fundraising, as well as the continued developments around Uber’s sordid relationship with the French Government, are just the latest sharing economy news to come out of France. Airbnb,too, announced last month an agreement with the Paris Government that will see it extending the same ‘tourist tax’ to airbnb-ers that Hotels have […]

With increasing recruitment startups, what will be the fate of headhunters?

The Internet has always taken a certain pleasure in removing the middleman – or at least, drastically changing how they think about their role in a sector. Travel advisors, ad agencies, taxi dispatchers – if your job was more or less an ‘operator’ or a go-between between two parties, there will be an Internet startup […]

The increase of the public broadcasting tax: a smart political maneuver based on a big fat lie

The public broadcasting service (audiovisuel public) is a sector in crisis; there is no doubt about that. The financial difficulties it has faced over the last years, with Radio France employees protesting earlier this year against restructuring plans and refusing to work for 28 days in a row, have largely shown the desperation within the […]

Uber will not re-open its peer-to-peer UberPop service in Paris. Neither will anyone else.

This week it was learned that Uber will not be re-opening its UberPOP service, its peer-to-peer service that launched February of 2014, and received subsequent attention earlier this year when drivers were taken hostage by taxi drivers, ultimately resulting in the French government putting the squeeze on UberPop in the form of arresting Uber’s country manager for […]

Google’s Hypocrisy on the Right to Be Forgotten

The following is a guest post from Dr. Dylan Kissane, Content Manager at DOZ. Follow him on Twitter at @drkissane or visit his website On the surface, Google’s response to the request of the French data protection regulator, CNIL, to extend the “right to be forgotten” to all internet sites indexed by the Mountain […]

TIA Tokyo2015, leads the way in connecting Asia's ecosystem

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend TIA Tokyo 2015 last week.  Organized by Asia’s tech media powerhouse TechinAsia, TIA Tokyo 2015 not only turned out Japan’s burgeoning tech ecosystem, but also brought out a strong contingent from around Asia and further afield.  Here were some big takeaways and highlights for me from this year’s edition: […]