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PopChef raises seed round to deliver 10€ lunches in Paris in under 15 minutes

Last week we caught up with Briac Lescure, Pierrick Paul and François Raynaud de Fitte, the three young co-founders of PopChef, a mobile app that provides hand crafted meals delivered to your door in 15 minutes for less than 10 euros. How does it actually work? Just whip out your smartphone, click on the meal […]

Behind Botteri: Betting Big on French Unicorns

Behind Botteri: Betting Big on French Unicorns

Any investor worth their salt will say that their job is to exist in the shadows, and that it is the entrepreneurs they have invested in who are the real heroes; however, when the same name keeps popping up behind ambitious investments (especially in startups I believe in), one can’t help but wonder how much […]

Jurismatic, TheFamily's latest concoction, provides open source legal documents for French startups

Jurismatic, TheFamily's latest concoction, provides open source legal documents for French startups

This month, TheFamily released yet another website. If you’re like me, you weren’t fazed by the forced mass-publication that came on Facebook & Twitter, and after the 100th time that they tell you that their latest oeuvre will change the startup ecosystem, you can’t help but scoff. However, with Jurismatic, TheFamily’s latest concoction, you might […]

With Felix Capital, Frederic Court brings Silicon Valley-style investment to Europe

Earlier this month, Felix Capital burst onto the London Venture Capital scene with a new $120 Million investment fund. Launched by Frederic Court, the fund wasted no time doing what Court does best – co-investing with US VC funds in startups that are outperforming their American counterparts. In this case, that means a co-investment with […]

Bpifrance and Business France partner to launch Acceleratech China

2015 is shaping up to be a big ‘international’ year for the French tech ecosystem.  Starting with France’s impressive and widely heralded presence at CES and SXSW as well as La French Tech’s planned French Tech Hubs around the world, France is solidifying its reputation as a key and increasingly visible player on the global tech scene. […]

Sketchfab raises $7 Million from FirstMark Capital to bring 3D & VR to you

3D Model visualization and upload service Sketchfab has announced a $7 Million fundraising led by FirstMark Capital’s Matt Turck, with participation by Sketchfab’s previous investors Balderton, Partech, Borealis & TechStars . Sketchfab already counts 300,000+ 3D Files uploaded to date (up from 150,000 as of July 2014), and has prided itself on being on the forefront of […]

IoT Specialist Actility raises $25 Million from Ginkgo Ventures, Foxconn & Orange

It’s seems to be a big week for IoT fundraising – Actlity, a network specialist building IoT solution on top of LoRaWan (Low Power Wide Area Network) has announced a $25 Million fundraising led by Ginkgo Ventures, with participation by FoxConn, Orange, KPN, and also its traditional investors BPIFrance, IDinvest & Truffle Capital. Actility has built a […]

Did Apple just hobble Criteo's achilles heel ?

Apple caused some reverberations last week among ad-tech companies when it revealed that iOS 9 will permit “Content Blocking Safari Extensions”. In other words, the next release of iOS will allow users to install ad-blockers on its mobile browser, according to the documentation provided to developers at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Criteo’s stock plunged more […]

Samsung announces investment in SIGFOX's IoT Network

This week, Samsung & Sigfox organized a VIP Event in Paris, where a much-anticipated “big partnership” was expected to be announced. The event comes just one month after SIGFOX revealed at Samsung’s San Francisco event that they would be a partner on the new ARTIK platform. In addition, swirling rumors propelled by SIGFOX CEO & […]

With #ParisFounders back on July 7th, meet our last 4 demo alumni!

On April 29th, 400 startups lovers, co-founders, investors and journalists gathered at Université Paris Dauphine to witness the launch of 4 products Rude Baguette selected as the most interesting of Spring 2015. Paris Founder Event is, indeed, the best occasion to launch your product, discover new ones and get the chance to catch up with […]