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Awox to host Connected Hardware Hackathon in Montpelier

Software hackathons may be getting a bit outdated, but hacking on Connected Hardware still offers endless possibilities. This weekend in Montpelier, the City of Montpelier is teaming up with AwoX to organize a Connected Hardware Hackathon at Epitech Monteplier, where participants will have 2 days to hack on the Awox StriimLight Wi-Fi Couleur, Orange’s LeBloc, […]

11/11: Remembering our veterans and remembering the genesis of the EU project

11/11: Remembering our veterans and remembering the genesis of the EU project

Today is a holiday: 11/11. Europe celebrates it as Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I (the war to end all wars), of which the fighting stopped on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918). The Commonwealth nations observe 11/11 as Remembrance Day in honor of the […]

Selectionnist bring fashion media and m-commerce even closer with mobile app launch

Selectionnist bring fashion media and m-commerce even closer with mobile app launch

  Launched in early 2014 by Dealissime cofounders Tatiana Jama and Lara Rouyres, Selectionnist seeks to bridge the gap between ecommerce and brands featured in fashion magazine print ads and articles. While the first iteration of Selectionnist started as a site where via search consumers could find and, ultimately, buy clothes, shoes, other accessories, and other […]

Agorize raises €2 million to fuel its idea crowdsourcing platform

Armed with several high-profile international clients, including such names as Philips, Microsoft, Youtube, BNP Paribas, Blablacar and many more, Agorize have closed a €2 million round with Iris Capital and Capnamic Ventures. Agorize’s principal goal is to enable companies to tap in to the potential offered by communities to help them in the ideation process. Agorize have already built […]

Algolia launches its Distributed Search Network offer at Web Summit

Search as a service startup Algolia announced last week at the Web Summit in Dublin that they are opening up 8 new data centers around the world (raising the total to 12), and launching a new premium service for customers, called a Distributed Search Network (DSN), which will allow customers to distribute their search data across multiple […]

Criteo beats estimates with big Q3 revenue jump

Criteo announced their Q3 results yesterday which beat all analyst estimates. Announcing €194 million in revenue, which was a 71% y-o-y increase, they easily beat initial analyst estimates of  €72.7 million. They also came in strong on the earnings side of things, reporting net income of €11.5 million, up from €3.0 million last year. As a result, they […]

The State of the Spanish Startup Scene

Jaime Novoa is a tech writer based in Madrid. He currently works forStartupxplore, the startup funding community connecting startups, investors and accelerators from all over Europe. He also covers the Spanish startup ecosystem at Novobrief. The Spanish startup scene has changed dramatically in the past 5 years and is now more professional, global and ambitious than […]

Paris Coders Night – coming to you November 28th at Deezer HQ

I’m very excited to announce that the Paris Coders Night will be taking place on November 28th at Deezer HQ. The event is open to Coders & friends, and is all about showing off just how awesome Coders are. The event will be centered around the Paris Coders competition (formerly organized under the name Code in the Dark), […]

Here’s hoping the ISR trend does not become Corporate Greenwashing 2.0

Socially responsible investment practices, or ISR in French (investissement socialement responsable), has been catching on among fund management companies in France lately. The notion of SRI in modern portfolio management began gaining momentum in the late 1990s, mainly in the US and UK. The first sell-side brokerage in the world to offer SRI research was […]

France leads the world on wifi hotspots…for now

France currently leads the world in terms of number of public wifi hotspots with 13 million (commercial and community hotspots) according to a far-reaching study by global wi-fi provider iPass. The US comes in second in terms of number of hotspots at 9.8 million and the UK third at 5.6 million.  Europe overall has the world’s largest […]