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Deezer announces Hear This, “Dropbox for Music” app, 5 Million paid subscribers & 2 key hires

Online music streaming service Deezer called together a press announcement in London today in order to unveil two major platform developments, as well as announcements about the service’s performance to date. The keynote took place in iconic music venue Ronnie Scotts (quite fitting for the announcement) and was delivered by Deezer CEO Axel Dauchaz. 30m […]

With Instagram Ads, analytics provider Nitrogram prepares to track Ad performance

With Instagram Ads, analytics provider Nitrogram prepares to track Ad performance

The talk this week has been around Instagram Ads: what they are worth, user reactions, what comes next (hint: video). The banter feels a bit forced, given that the reaction has become more-or-less standard for any change made to a social network, especially one that revolves around making money; however, Instagram has made its decision […]

Deezer co-founder Jonathan Benassaya has Hollywood in his sights with Streamnation 2.0

Deezer co-founder Jonathan Benassaya has Hollywood in his sights with Streamnation 2.0

In the spectrum of disrupt-able industries, there are few so ripe as the music and film industry. Online music players like Spotify & Deezer have looked to disrupt music distribution, while online video content providers like YouTube & Netflix have created a new channel for viewing video content. The DRM-heavy world of iTunes and Amazon […]

Founder Pierre Carde on Game Connection Europe’s big, innovative 2013 edition

Since 2001, Game Connection has been one of the top events, if not the top event, focusing on the B2B side of the games industry. As a result, it offers a perfect environment for not only networking and connecting with other professionals in the industry, but also creates an environment where actual business (partnerships, deals, […]

“I don’t know about it” does not equal “It doesn’t exist.” What you see is not what you get.

As often happens, I found myself last week explaining why there is such a difference between what the Rude Baguette says about the French Tech Market and “what you’ve heard elsewhere.” Over the last two years, I’ve learned that “what you’ve heard elsewhere” is usually akin to “I haven’t heard anything, therefore there must be […]

5 Reasons the next Criteo will also come from Paris

With media companies looking for higher revenues online & the entire Internet essentially powered by advertisements, the opportunity to provide more accurate, higher-value, or just ‘smarter’ ads is still wide open. Whether it be pre-targeting or re-targeting, pre-roll or post-roll, display ads or text ads, the opportunities for monetization on sites are multiplying each day, […]

Capitaine Train’s simple train ticketing platform now available on iPhone

European train ticket vendor Capitaine Train announced it’s long-awaited iPhone app this week, The web app has been making a dent in the European eTicketing since its launch last year, having already raised two rounds of funding (here and here) totalling nearly €4 Million from Index Ventures & CMC-CIC Capital Privé. The iPhone application was meant to fill […]

APIs & the future of software on the top of the program at this year’s APIdays on December 4/5th

FABERNOVEL AND WEBSHELL are once again brining their highly successful APIdays conference to Paris which offers participants the opportunity to better understand paradigms behind APIs as well as get up-to-date on the latest thinking on the future of Software through APIs, on Cloud, Big Data and Internet of Things. As the API community has continued to […]

Disrupt Europe: Will the Hardware revolution take roots in Europe?

Lots of people complained about Disrupt Europe as sponsors being too influential or the sales focus. The fact is the Startup Battlefield was controversial, some of the startups having already raised money, one of them up to $8 mil. Then there was this tweet where Michael Arrington proposed to not choose a winner for this […]

USAWeek to bring high-level VCs & Business Angels to Europe

Speaking of business opportunities in Europe, The European American Entreprise Council is organizing the first edition of USAWeek Europe, a must go to event to be held at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain from November 11 to 14. The California-based Council is run by leading executives and advisors with a broad experience and know how […]