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Celebrating the launch of voice search in French, Google House opens in Paris

Google has just launched voice search in French and with it the new Google House to showcase their products. Built in the heart of Paris, the Google House has been designed to showcase the use of different Google products in our daily lives – with a special focus on voice assisted search. The search giant […]

MoviePop, a follow-up to SongPop, sees FreshPlanet look to expand their Quiz franchise

MoviePop, a follow-up to SongPop, sees FreshPlanet look to expand their Quiz franchise

It seems like only yesterday SongPop came into all of our lives posing the existential question: “What song is this?” The app has gone on to see millions of downloads, was named by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as his favorite game (it was also the top rated game of 2012 on Facebook), and saw more […]

The 4 pronged approach France is taking to Open Data

The 4 pronged approach France is taking to Open Data

Back at the last G8 summit in June of this year, the G8 member states signed on to the Open Data Charter, whereby all of the member states pledged their commitment to  “open economies, open societies and open governments as the basis of lasting growth and stability”.  France has moved quite quickly to demonstrate their strong […]

Offline Mode: The Elephant in the HTML5 Room

There seems to be 3 groups of people involved in the HTML5 discussion: Evangelists, whose role is to push technology adoption.  In most industries they’d be called salespeople but in Tech we like to coin words to make us sound specials so the tech evangelists were born!  They are comprised of both staff from large […]

Is it lean, or is it sloppy?

The following is a guest post from Michael Ferranti, a marketer and product guy living and working in San Francisco, USA. You can follow him on Twitter @ferrantim where your tweets in English and français are welcome, or on his blog. It’s a great time to start a business. Thanks to the Internet, distribution for countless ideas is almost […]

Partnering with Boku, Deezer subscribers in Germany can now pay directly from their mobile operator

Direct operator billing company Boku announced this week that starting today, Deezer users in Germany will be able to pay their Deezer subscription directly from their mobile operator. Whether on Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom or otherwise, Deezer’s new partnership means that users subscribing to Deezer+ & Deezer premium will be able to pay that subscription bill […]

After Mailjet & Mention, eFounders launching two new SaaS startups: Aircall & Front

You may not be familiar with eFounders, the self-described Startup Studio co-founded by Fotolia co-founder Thibaud Elziere & Quentin Nickmans, which focuses on building SaaS solutions for SMEs; however, you’ve definitely heard of at least a few of their solutions – Mailjet & Mention, certainly the two most well-known, as well as Textmaster and PressKing. The […]

Restlet raises $2M to facilitate RESTful API creation with APISpark; sets up Silicon Valley office

French startup Restlet announced it has closed a $2 Million round of funding from Siparex and CapDecisif Management. Founded by Jérôme Louvel & Thierry Boileau, the team also announced a third co-founder, Stève Sfartz, who will be based in the Silicon Valley along with Jerôme Lavel. The round of funding comes more than 8 years after Louvel started working […]

Mobile eBook specialist Gutenberg Technology raises €3 million; new sectors & the US in sight

Hot on the heels of their big fundraising announcement in May, mobile ebook specialist Gutenberg Technology has finalised their second round with another big investment.  This time €3 million, which brings the total money they’ve closed on this year to €5 million. The additional investment which came from BNP Paribas Développement and their existing investors.  This […]

Eurostar trains will have on-board WiFi in 2014 as part of £700 Million overhaul

Paris & London might as well be one city, when you figure that a train ride from the center of Paris to the center of London takes just two hours, leaves every hour, and, with the one-hour time-zone change, only makes you lose an hour in your day; however, that two hour train ride gets […]