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Tech entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from around the world to descend on Kiev October 10th/11th for IDCEE

The organizers of IDCEE make it clear who their main target is with their big, Kiev-based conference which is kicking-off its third edition on October 11th/12th – namely, ‘startups and geeks’. IDCE actually stands for ‘Investor’s Day Central and Eastern Europe’ and, as a result, from its origins has focused firmly exposing the world to startups […]

Mash Up makes its comeback with networking focused event # 10

Mash Up makes its comeback with networking focused event # 10

Networking is important for all of us at whatever moment of our professional lives. Often neglected, its importance can be underestimated by being considered as a “natural” act, when in reality there is a lot to be learned about it. With these premises in mind, Mash Up the organization for student entrepreneurship is back in […]

Sculpteo’s latest partnership with Orange underlines 3D Printings growth as complimentary, not disruptive

Sculpteo’s latest partnership with Orange underlines 3D Printings growth as complimentary, not disruptive

Telecom giant Orange & enterprise 3D Printing solution Sculpteo announced today a partnership that will allow Orange customers to make use of Sculpteo’s 3D Printing Cloud Engine on a dedicated site. Concretely, this means that Orange customers will be able to customize their iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone case. The announcement comes just months after Sculpteo announced […]

Algolia raises a $1.5 Million seed round from Index Ventures, Alven Capital & Point Nine Capital to make Search not Suck

Algolia has raised €1.2 Million from Alven Capital, Index Ventures & Point Nine Capital in an unprecedentedly large seed round of funding, in order to revolutionize database search for websites & apps. Founded by former Exalead veterans Nicolas Dessaigne and Julien Lemoine, the Paris-based startup already counts large apps like SocialCam amongst its clients, providing instant […]

AngelHack launch App hackathon Apphack, 30 Cities & 6,000 Developers

Coming this October 19th/20th, AngelHack will launch AppHack, the largest ever app hackathon, including 30 cities and 6,000 developers from around the world. In Paris, the event will kick-off at Deezer’s headquarters at 9am on October 19th. While competition will obviously be an important part of this new hackathon series, AppHack will focus more on […]

Rude VC: Those silly fees

My earlier piece about the French government’s newly-announced PEA-PME initiative led to a broader discussion about transparency and investment performance. [By way of recap, I had written that I’m hopeful the PEA-PME could offer indirect benefits to small tech startups that trickle back by helping capitalize downstream companies that are larger and already listed, thus […]

Boticca buys Atelier de la Mode for homecoming launch in France, 4th Biggest market

This week, UK-based startup Boticca announced that it had acquired L’Atelier De La Mode, a French designer marketplace whose 100,000 customers represent a 25% market share increase for Boticca, who now counts 500,000 customers globally. The acquisition follows their $4 Million round of funding led by MMC Ventures, a fundraising round which was predicted to help […]

360Learning raises €1.2M from 3T Capital & ISAI to enable enterprises to build their own MooC

The e-learning craze has been taking off, and the word ‘MooC’ – Massive Open Online Classes – has become ubiquitous with eduTech, and today MooC’s are getting a boost as 360Learning announces it has raised €1.2 Million from 3T Capital & ISAI for its enterprise MooC platform. The announcement, originally picked up by JournalDuNet, comes […]