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Intel Capital & XAnge invest $6 Million into Bordeaux-based News aggregator Mobiles Republic

At the Intel Capital Global Summit today in San Diego, California, Bordeaux-based startup Mobiles Republic (which runs News Republic) announced a $6 Million round of funding from Intel Capital, XAnge Private Equity & Creathor Venture, in order to support product development & expansion into the US market. The application relies on a powerful real-time semantic engine […]

Twilio brings its annual TwilioCon event to Europe for the first time

Twilio brings its annual TwilioCon event to Europe for the first time

Earlier this week in London, Twilio hosted the first ever TwilioCon Europe, an annual event centered around the Twilio ecosystem. The event showcased Twilio’s immense growth in every aspect of its communication API’s activity, including total phone call minutes spent on Twilio in the last 12 months (1.5 Billion, up from 500M in 2012), with […]

Google shells out $23 Million to buy FlexyCore, the French startup behind DroidBooster

Google shells out $23 Million to buy FlexyCore, the French startup behind DroidBooster

Google has acquired the Rennes-based startup Flexycore for $23 Million (€16.9 Million), according to L’Expansion[fr]. The startup provides optimization solutions applications, focusing on the smartphone market with a significant presence in the Android universe. The acquired team will be absorbed into Google’s Android team in order to improve Android’s less than smooth user interface in […]

Montpellier to welcome 1,300 for Digiworld Summit to discuss the crossroads of the digital ecosystem

Digiworld Summit 2013 will take place in Montpellier on November 19th- 21st , organized by IDATE. This year’s edition is entitled “The Digital Gold Mines” which are supposed to be Smart Connectivity, Video as a Service, Digital Malls, Data Monetization and Digital Money. The 3-day long event is an opportunity to discuss the sources of value that […]

[Interview] WePopp looks to mobile to disrupt how we organize events with friends

Having recently caught the attention of TechCrunch, WePopp looks to be a strong candidate to shake up how we organize events with friends. Fresh off their stint at Le Camping (Season 4), they hope to join the likes of other Le Camping alums, such as qunb, docTrackr, Augment, Sketchfab, and others, who’ve built startups that […]

Alcatel-Lucent may be the giant failure that France needs to succeed

With the exception of Thomson Reuters’ Global Innovation report, not many institutions would put Alcatel-Lucent in their “top 100” of anything these days. A Google search for the name brings up countless financial blogs wavering on whether the company will close down this quarter or next quarter, and the recent announcement of a 15,000 employee-layoff […]

[SPONSORED] Being Memorable: Why 1st Impressions Count

The following post is sponsored by online printing & design company MOO. For more information about our Sponsored Content policy, click here.  Tuck in your shirt, iron your pants, comb your hair – my mother was like a broken record whenever a social occasion came up. “You never know when a talent scout will be […]

Japan to Europe: Game on ! (act 2)

Fasten your seatbelts, because the European mobile games market is about to become a lot more interesting. Not that the market has been dormant. I can’t think of a recent ride on the Paris metro or London tube without witnessing someone playing Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. And now Candy Crush maker is […]

The Apple/Android duality: in your market, are you a curator or an egalitarian?

The Apple/Android rivalry has been an on-going “fight” for quite some time, and it seems that the two, purposefully or not, created the perfect duality for users in which the only two options were Apple & Android. While this begs the question as to how other mobile operating systems like UbuntuOS or FirefoxOS will find […]

Webit to welcome 8,000 to Istanbul: why not join them, all expenses paid?

Istanbul, Turkey is about to host on November 6-7 the 5th edition of the Webit Congress one of the biggest events out there focused on bringing growth, knowledge, networking and business opportunities to digital marketing and innovation, telco and tech industries. The event developed and grew from 1500 attendees for its first edition back in […]