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Rude VC: Email habits, or lack there of

What a fanstastic two weeks. For the first time ever, Rude VC decided to go completely off the grid for two whole weeks this August. Nothing but fresh air, perfect weather, and intense triathlon training in the pursuit of physical exhaustion and mental rejuvenation. Awaiting me among other things upon my return to the office […]

Sketchfab, the "YouTube of 3D content", goes Pro

Sketchfab, the "YouTube of 3D content", goes Pro

Ever wondered how 3D artists showcase their work on the web? Screenshots and videos. Not cool… If it’s in 3D, I want to interact with the stuff! Sketchfab is changing things and it is becoming a major platform for publishing and consuming this new kind of media on the internet. See — and play with […]

MorningCroissant: Airbnb for the French countryside

MorningCroissant: Airbnb for the French countryside

Walking over to the office of French startup MorningCroissant, I thought to myself, why would anybody want to do an AirBnB clone? Little did I know that I was about to learn a valuable lesson – that slapping the label ‘clone’ onto a startup can make you look very silly if you’re not careful.. Alix […]

SAP lures startups to its Startup Forum in Paris

Earlier this month, SAP announced that its startup event, the SAP Startup Forum, is coming to Paris on September 6th. The event hopes to bring together startups using SAP HANA, an application and analytics management system intended to help early stage startups grow. The forum event comes just months after the launch of its Startup […]

€15 Million from EU for Civic Tech Startups

This article was cross-posted at the Center for Global Communication Studies, where Kat is also a regular contributor. If we accept the premise that the intersection of technology-fueled transparency, open innovation and civic engagement is increasingly central to making government work for everyone, perhaps it’s time for new models of governance. Governments need to provide services a […]

Mars Curiosity carries parts made in France

Everyone has seen the most recent Mars landing by NASA rover, Mars Curiosity, but the scientific effort has been an international one. In addition to outsourcing the launch to the United Launch Alliance’s (a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed Martin) Atlas 5 launch vehicle, some of the instruments are sourced by NASA partners. Two […]

Open Data: baby steps for RATP

If you are a developer visiting the open data page of the French RATP, which provides buses and subways in Paris, as well as some suburban trains around, it’s fairly easy to assume you will be looking to use that data to create something useful for everyday users, that is, all the Joe subway commuters. […]

Game Connection announces Selected Projects contest

Each year Game Connection hosts three must-attend games industry conferences in Asia, Europe and the US.  More recently, Game Connection has added a new element to their conferences by sponsoring a game contest called Selected Projects, where game developers with a project at any stage of development can apply.  The contest is not restricted in […]

Pradeo raises Funds to combat Mobile Viruses

Mobile phones are listed as the most contaminated devices-1 in 6 are covered with fecal bacteria like E. Coli. What’s worse is that we also need to be hyper vigilant when it comes to our software viruses too! Pradeo Security Systems has patented technologies which offer security solutions for mobile devices. The installation of integrated […]

PR for Startups (Series1/3): Bootstrapping PR

This guest article was submitted by an experienced Press Relations professional who works for a prominent European PR group, and wished to remain anonymous. Public relations is the process of building relationships to tell your story and share your vision over time to drive interest, visibility and reputation. For any start-up looking to grow beyond […]