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First Impressions of Lille's EuraTechnologies: Home to 100+ startups

When I used to write on my personal blog, I would write articles about places & events just hours after I visited them, in order to thoroughly give my First Impressions. They were not meant to be my final judgment of something, but merely my ‘customer feedback’ as a visitor to something. I thought I’d […]

Rude VC on Triathletes and Entrepreneurs

Rude VC on Triathletes and Entrepreneurs

Even though I suck at them, I’m a big fan of racing triathlons. This past weekend was chock-full of exciting events. Right here in Paris the French Triathlon Federation held an olympic distance with the swim portion in the oh-so-propre Seine. Other notable races over the weekend included the Long course Challenge in Roth, Germany […]

European Games Group:  Partnering with Developers to Create Successful Games

European Games Group: Partnering with Developers to Create Successful Games

Securing investment and achieving successful commercialisation are two of the major challenges that are often hotly debated in the games sector.  Although securing funding is always a challenge for any entrepreneur, the problem is particularly acute in games where the  development process can often be long and costly, causing traditional tech investors (ie VCs) to […]

#1Seed: London money investing in seed-level French startups

Money’s tight for startups in France – or so Journal Du Net claims it will be – accelerators don’t give out the 100K that they do in the US, France angel groups like Keiretsu France charge startups 1000s of euros to pitch angels who won’t and don’t intend to invest in tech startups, and French […]

IBM Smartcamp Paris invites "Smarter Planet" startups, August 31st

IBM will be hosting a second edition of IBM Smartcamp Paris on August 31st. The event, which looks to gather together entrepreneurs, startupers, investors, and “IBM-ers,” is connected to the IBM Global Entrepreneur initiative, which began in March 2010. The half-day event is open to the general public via sign-up on their site, and is […]

Rennes-based startup Tocea raises €300K to clean your code

Tocea offers enterprise-class, hardcore code analysis and improvement tools that aims to reduce your “Technical Debt”. What’s “Technical Debt”, you ask? It’s a term for the consequences you pay down the road for the coding shortcuts you take today. Researchers spend a lot of time obsessing over these concepts, that try to determine for what […]

Micropayments on the rise in Europe

Hi-Media Group and Harris Interactive have released their “Micropayment Barometer” which seeks to measure the progression of micropayments globally and, particularly, in Europe.  For the European part of the barometer, 4k internet users across France, Germany, Italy, and Spain were included.  The main finding of the study was that micropayments are pretty widely and increasingly […]

l'Oreal's iPhone app Color Genius: is it really Shazam for make-up?

One rumor about the reason why Steve Jobs always wore the same outfit, was that he considered this “one less thing to worry about”. For the Rude Baguette readers who aren’t fashionistas and not following this week’s craziness of Paris’ Haute-Couture fashion shows, likely about 99% of all readers: In beauty and fashion the choice […]

Jaxspot proves that inviting your First 1M Users is as easy as 1, 2, 300K

If you haven’t heard of Jaxspot it’s time to expand your horizons-or platforms. Playtouch, the makers of Jaxspot, developed a multi-platform game providing users with increased accessibility and mobility in a market already inundated with addictive online games. The app can be downloaded and played on a computer, 3G or 4G phone, tablet computer, TV […]

qunb: The Youtube of Statistical Data. Graph Everything.

Yesterday LeCamping Season 2 company qunb finally opened their search engine for finding, compiling, and comparing figures to the pub. The company has build its platform of open data and aggregated data on the basis of one premise: researching figures is hard, and it shouldn’t be. With a rapidly growing list of sources for data, […]