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France's DarQRoom brings high quality Instagram printing to Europe, finally!

Last week, Nantes-based DarQRoom became Europe’s first company to offer high-quality Instagram prints. The company – which positions itself as an alternative to stock photo sites like Fotolia – provides photographers an online gallery from which users can order high-quality prints. In many ways comparable to the printing services provided by companies like US-based Canvaspop, DarQRoom offers […]

The French Presidential elections go digital

The French Presidential elections go digital

Ah yes, the US is not the only country with Presidential elections this year. While Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are busy battling it out for the Republicans on the other side of the Atlantic, France is also busy lining up its political contestants: François Hollande (Parti Socialiste), Marine Le Pen (Front National, YIKES!), François […]

Dassault Systèmes acquires Netvibes: "She's in a better place now"

Dassault Systèmes acquires Netvibes: "She's in a better place now"

Update: according to GigaOm, Netvibes has been sold for $26 Million. This morning Dassault Systèmes announced the acquisition of age-old tech company Netvibes for an undisclosed amount. Dassault stated that the Netvibes acquisition will help enhance their 3D experience platform, which will now be able to aggregate enterprise data, use social intellgience to update in realtime, […]

Six Lies French Entrepreneurs tell about France

This article is the opinion of the writer and no one else involved with The Rude Baguette. Last week, Betabeat’s Adrianne Jeffries published an article entitled “French Startups Take Refuge in New York” – you can imagine how interested we were in this. The article consisted of an interview with prominent New York Entrepreneur Ilan Abehassera, […]

Get your inspiration on with a free ticket to TEDxESCP

The TEDxESCP 2012 conference is coming up on February 25th 2012 at the Paris Campus of ESCP Europe. Organized by students of ESCP Europe, the event aims to tap into the vast pool of knowledge and passion within the realm of the Grandes Écoles in Paris. Curious students and professionals from Paris will gather here and explore the theme: […]

We're sending SharyPic to Enterprise20 Summit

The results are in, and our #RudeReader winner is Christian Blavier, CTO of SharyPic, a collaborative photo sharing platform for events. SharyPic was the first French HackFWD investment, and has recently been accepted into Paris Incubators. In addition, their site has recently been redone by French web designer Sacha Greif, who, among other things, was recently […]

Craziness: the REAL difference between US and European VCs?

I woke up Monday morning to a bit of a shock. Usually after my alarm goes off, I quickly scroll through email, Twitter, Facebook and the likes to make sure there is nothing urgent to respond to. But on Monday, I had made the mistake of taking a quick peek at Instagram…only to see this: […]

Techstars Boston has a French flavor this year

France’s last remaining territory in North America (not including the Caribbean) is Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, an archipelago off the coast of Newfoundland with just over 6,000 residents. But if recent developments are any indication, it seems that the French have designs on the startup hotbed of Cambridge, Massachusetts. That’s where two hot Gallic startups, DocTrackr and Psykosoft, will be spending the next […]

Doodle takes its scheduling service offline … to paper.

Last week, Zurich-based Doodle, the online scheduling service, announced the release of its latest addition to Doodle – Doodle Unplugged. The post announcing the new service reads as if one user complained so hard that they decided to mock him by actually creating it. Intended for “Internet users who think “cloud scheduling” is too geeky,” the […]

Geeklist launches in France – bring on the Hackathons!

The achievement-based social platform for developers raised $600K last October, and while they are based in San Francisco, they’ve sent Audrey Stewart back to France to work on building up a European following. The site has already enticed celebrity developers like Yukihiro Matsumoto, creator of Ruby and Heroku. Geeklist is kicking off its launch in France with a co-organized Opa DevCamp, […]