RudeVC: Time to party like it’s… ?

A conversation with a particularly insightful investment banker (yes, such a breed does exist) inspired me to do a little research over the weekend. His observation was that 2013 reminded him a lot about 1998 in the tech sector. In 1998 I was an entrepreneur so consumed with my second startup that I rarely came […]

Your cookbook got funded – Youmiam gets support from Showroomprivé CEO and others

Your cookbook got funded – Youmiam gets support from Showroomprivé CEO and others

We’ve previously covered the food recipe social network Youmiam when they first launched their public beta. A few months later they announce their first capital raise of 300.000€ with Patrick Robin, founder of, Thierry Petit, CEO of and Denis Chavanis, former General Director of Nestlé Waters. According to Théophile de la Bastie, Co-Founder […]

France fines Google 150K€ for unclear practices around user data

France fines Google 150K€ for unclear practices around user data

The CNIL, France’s data privacy regulatory board, released a statement this week following a meeting in which they determined that an update made to Google’s privacy policy, which violate European Union laws around data privacy. The 150,000€ fine comes with a requirement for the search giant to post a notice on its homepage ( within 8 […]

Dassault Systemes tops nearly $1bn in acquisitions, snatches another German firm

In a bold move, the French company Dassault Systemes is acquiring the German RTT to broaden its scope of activities. Dassault Systems is specialized in high-end 3D conceptualization for the production of complex structures such as airplanes or boats. The French company has been quite busy growing its business through acquisitions. In 2013 alone, this […]

[LeWeb] announces video infographics service

Latvian startup is at LeWeb and has just announced their new video infographics service. The company has been very successful with their free infogram service that allows users to create stunning infographics in a couple of minutes. As of today’s 1 million users have created more than 1,5 million infographics that have reached […]

Big data integration startup Talend closes $40 million round

One of the rising stars in the rapidly growing area of big data integration, Talend, has just closed on a big $40 million round, bringing the total amount of funds they’ve raised thus far to ~ $100 million.  Having raised several previous rounds from various investors (including, Silver Lake Sumeru, IDInvest, Galileo, Balderton, etc), Bpifrance, […]

Deolan takes off with 2,5M€ from CapHorn Invest

French company Deolan has just announced a new capital raise of 2,5M€ with CapHorn Invest. Operating in the complex business of aviation, Deolan has developed a platform to interconnect all the parties involved with air transportation. Airlines, passengers, airport operators, crew and other actors of the aviation value chain make up a tough problem to […]

Free Mobile’s €19/month 4G Mobile plan sounds too good to be true. So, is it?

In his typical fashion, Free Mobile’s passionate CEO Xavier Niel announced the mobile provider’s 4G offer via Twitter this week. Less than two years after Niel announced that his company Iliad would offer unlimited calls, text, and 3G data for just 19,99€ with an equally astonishing 2,99€ plan without data, Niel has announced that he […]

Want your startup to succeed? Peel carrots

The following is a guest post from Michael Ferranti, a marketer and product guy living and working in San Francisco, USA where he earns money for hanger steak and cèpes mushrooms. You can follow him on Twitter @ferrantim where your tweets in English and français are welcome, or on his blog. When I was 17 and got a job cooking […]

RudeVC: Why the latest RBS scandal smells so rotten

If claims in a UK government report published last week have any basis, then the latest scandal surrounding the Royal Bank of Scotland makes LIBOR manipulation look like just a rainy start to the cricket season. The Tomlinson report, established by UK Business Secretary Vince Cable, found evidence that RBS intentionally forced small and medium […]