Atos buys Syntel and strengthens its position in North America

French group Atos has officialized the acquisition of Syntel, the US application service specialist. The acquisition climbed to $3.4 billion. The synergy between the two, location-wise, enables Atos to continue its global expansion.   Global partner of the Olympic Games, a European leader in cloud technology, cyber-security, supercomputing or online payment. The French group Atos […]

Cloud computing: AWS heads for network switches

Cloud computing: AWS heads for network switches

Amazon Web Services (AWS) wants to remain the leader in the world cloud market. To do so, the e-market giant has launched a hardware production: it now makes its own network switches.   AWS is THE worldwide cloud computing master. It is far ahead of all other tech big names (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud). In […]

Dreem raises $35M to improve sleep

Dreem raises $35M to improve sleep

Yet another fundraising for Dreem, the French startup that enhances sleep with a connected headband. This funding round should help it pursue its development.   One year ago, the startup Rythm released its start product: the headband Dreem. It enhances sleep using neuroscience. It was such a success that its creators Hugo Mercier and Quentin […]

GAFA has found how to bypass GDPR

That’s nothing new: Facebook, Google or Microsoft have accepted, under pressure, to respect the GDPR. Those companies adopted the new rules while heavily manipulating users into accepting to share personal data. A class action is getting ready…   Personal data is pure gold to the GAFA. It would have been surprising if they had given […]

Mobile games: French Voodoo raises $200,000,000

Late May, the French mobile game specialist Voodoo changed dimension. The startup and its 60 employees raised $200,000 via the Goldman Sachs investment fund. Coming up: Offices in the US, to work closer to Apple and Google.     Voodoo can boast a key spot in French Tech success stories. Founded in 2013, the startup […]

Ivory Coast sees itself as the African « Startup Nation »

  Ivory Coast dreams itself as the « Startup Nation of Africa ». An ambitious goal that will not come as a surprise to those following the evolution of digital Africa.   Warning, a digital platform may hide another! The Ivorian startup Janngo has just achieved its first fundraising. Investors include the Investments Bank Clipperton and the […]

Mark Zuckerberg at the European Parliament: The real answers came… in writing

The hearing of Facebook’s CEO before the European Parliament was disappointing content-wise. The social network then decided to answer, in writing, to the central questions. While excelling at avoiding the issues.   On May 22nd, 2018, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, was heard by European Parliament lawmakers in Brussels. This was shortly after a similar […]

USA: Amazon’s facial recognition scandal

In the United States, a civil right organization worries about the use of Amazon’s facial recognition tool. Neither authorities nor Amazon have officially responded.   It can tell faces and text from a video at considerable speed. It can identify, follow and analyze up to 100 individuals per image. It is the flagship of artificial […]

The automobile industry wants the blockchain

A new major tech domain is taking an interest in the blockchain. It is also one of the most powerful, financially speaking. The automobile industry. Around thirty partners, including, several manufacturers, have created a research group on blockchain in the car industry. Its given name is Mobility Blockchain Initiative (MOBI). Its area of research is […]

USA: And there were three telecom operators

Will the US telecom market enter a shrinking stage? The third and fourth operators on the market (T-Mobile and Sprint) are merging. For the greater good of the consumers, for employment and to lower the bills. Or so they say.   It is not recorded yet. It must first be validated by shareholders of both […]