Government reshuffle : Is Mounir Mahjoubi digital or not digital?

Tuesday’s ministerial reshuffle placed the Digital Issues Secretary of State Mounir Mahjoubi under the Ministry of Economy and Public Action. For some time, the word « digital » even disappeared. What can these hesitations mean concerning the future digital guidelines?   Mounir Mahjoubi is still Secretary of State for digital issues. During the reshuffling announcements on October […]

The founder of online bank Hush vanishes

The founder of online bank Hush vanishes

Introduced in late 2017, during the cryptocurrency boom, the French Fintech startup Hush was going to revolutionize banking. Less than a year later, the fabulous fundraising that was expected didn’t take place. Hush is now nothing more than an empty shell and its founder has disappeared.   Yet again, this success-story-to-be ends dramatically. In the […]

MacOS Mojave: what does Apple have in store for you?

MacOS Mojave: what does Apple have in store for you?

The new operating system for Macs is now available. MacOS Mojave presents no breaking novelty but it keeps upgrading all that makes Apple’s strength: the comfort of use, security, compatibility with the ecosystem.   Following the much-awaited iOS 12, here is MacOS Mojave. A desert name for an OS without any surprise but with many […]

After a tough fight, Comcast buys Sky for $33 billion

Following three rounds of bidding (that’s exceptional), Comcast won over Disney-21st to take ownership of Sky. Sky is the European leader in Pay TV. The goal is to challenge Netflix or Amazon Prime.   The battle was long, bitter and with many developments. But the prize was worth it. Sky is a network of satellite […]

Apple Store: New data protection policy to safeguard private life

On October the 3rd, the Apple Store will update its confidentiality policy. Developers will have to present how they collect and use user data. Is this a way to comply with the GDPR?   When Apple broke the news, they never mentioned the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This drastic regulation controls how data is collected […]

Y Combinator: the worst developers stories

A post on an American developers forum raised a few eyebrows. It asked users to name the less ethical project they had worked on. Some of the answers are chilling to read…   The responsibility of developers and the ethics of coding are very current issues. Can a coder refuse to work on a project […]

Amazon and Microsoft present the joint Alexa/Cortana platform

The convergence between Alexa and Cortana, Amazon and Microsoft’s personal assistants, enters a new phase. Both companies have launched a pre-version of the platform that enables both assistants to co-exist. Whether it be in connected speakers or on a PC.   The joint integration of Alexa and Cortona marches on: a pre-version of the hybrid […]

Personal Data: Twitter sentenced in first instance in France for « unfair terms »

UFC-Que Choisir, a French consumer organization, has won its first battle against the unfair terms of internet giants regarding personal data. Twitter must now produce an emergency revision of its terms.   UFC-Que Choisir took legal action against several internet giants (Facebook, Google, Twitter) for « unfair terms » in their terms and conditions of use (TCU). […]

Amazon’s Rekognition feels the heat

In the United States, a civil rights organization is trying to put an end to the use of Rekognition by authorities (including Police). Rekognition is Amazon’s facial recognition tool. Besides violating civil rights, the app is feared to be dysfunctional. Indeed, Rekognition has identified 28 members of Congress as criminals…     The American Civil […]

YouTube takes down channel of family convicted for humiliating their kids

YouTube has closed the channel owned by a couple already convicted for publising humiliating videos of their children. Custody of two of the children has already been revoked.   The USA, and all the way to France, people had been shocked by this story. Mika and Heather Martin had a YouTube channel: FatherOFive. They would […]