Le gouvernement veut recenser tous les projets blockchain de France

Le ministère de l’Economie et des Finances vient de lancer une consultation sur les projets blockchain en France. Ouvert à tous les types d’applications, émanant de tous les types d’acteurs, ce questionnaire vise à dresser un panorama de cette technologie en France, pour déceler les éventuels freins à son développement. La France croit dans la […]

SGH Capital: a holding company with some flair

SGH Capital: a holding company with some flair

Thanks to some smart choices, the holding company founded by Alexandre Azoulay a little over 4 years ago has seen enormous success last year, after posting stellar Q4 results. SGH Capital, the holding company overseen by Alexandre Azoulay and his three partners, has gone from strength to strength. Once affiliated with Wijet – an air […]

The best of the CES 2019

The best of the CES 2019

The 2019 edition of the Las Vegas CES ended on January 11th. Among thousands of announcements and presentations, some products and innovations struck home. Introductions!   During the 4 days between January 8th and 11th, the high tech world only had eyes for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Here are the best […]

Orange develops a blockchain voting solution

Among all the announcements made during the Hello Show in December 2018, one will please blockchain experts. Orange CEO introduced a voting system based on Ethereum. It is already up and running.     Wednesday, December 12th, Orange was hosting its traditional Hello Show to unveil the groups’ latest innovations. There were few striking news. […]

The French Tech ready to march on the CES

The CES in Las Vegas will be the opportunity to show the innovating excellence in French region « Ile-de-France » (the region where Paris is). This year, emphasis will be put on Artificial Intelligence (AI) breakthroughs. 35 startups will display the « Ile-de-France » flag, next to bigger groups.   Once again, France will be well represented at the […]

Last take for the Edge Browser

Internet browsers have always been a stone in Microsoft’s shoe. Following Internet Explorer’s demise (abandoned after years of -un-loyal services), it’s Edge’s turn to fall into limbo. This time its lifespan was even shorter.   Edge disappeared as quickly as it came. Launched three and a half years ago, it’s already scraped. It was supposed […]

Where do you buy Bitcoin in France? Same place you buy your cigarettes!

Beginning in January 2019, it will be possible to buy crypto-currency tickets in French tobacco shops. These tickets will then be converted using an electronic wallet. A way to offer a new product to a community that gambles as much a lottery addicts.   A pack of cigarettes, a lottery ticket, today’s newspaper, and some […]

Why is BitCoin Plummeting?

It used to be worth $17,000 late 2017 and it had leveled at around $6,500 in the past weeks. BitCoin has now plummeted to $5,500. Rival crypto-currency BitCoin Cash split and investors movements explain the drop. Will it last? Who knows?   Is it the start of a speculative bubble burst around BitCoin? The year […]

Has Twitter violated the GDPR?

Five months following the launch of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Twitter becomes the target for the first time. The social network has refused to tell a researcher how its data was used.   Google and Facebook have led the way and are already investigated by European regulators. All regarding mishaps in the GDPR. […]

Looking back at the hectic life of Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft

Computer programmer, cinema producer, investor in new technologies and aerospace, philanthropist and … rock composer. Paul Allen was a figure of American entrepreneurship. He died of cancer on October 15th, 2018 at age 65.   Early October 2018, Paul Allen had announced he was facing cancer again. He who was often referred to as « co-founder […]