Backed by FoxConn, PIQ partners with Mobitee to launch first connected Golf experience

Jun 30, 2015
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PIQ-1 This connected startup seemingly came out of nowhere last month when they announced they’d raised $5.5 Million led by FoxConn. At the time, their platform and sensors left much to the imagination, but this latest product launch announcements gives insight into where PIQ may be headed. PIQ is partnering with Mobitee, who makes the most comprehensive virtual caddy app, with 35,000 golf courses loaded directly on your phone with satellite images to boot.

Screenshot 2015-06-30 10.01.37

Now plugged in with PIQ, golfers can clip one sensor to their golfing glove, and one sensor to each of their clubs (as seen in the video), and they can get a completely connected experience.

PIQ is a versatile sensor. In golf, it tracks movement on 13 different axes, which means you can visualize your swing afterwards and find out just where you went wrong. In addition, partnering with Mobitee, you can now quickly view your history on a particular hole, or even with a particular club, providing the optimal choice for every situation.

PIQ, a subsidiary of the Swiss company Octonion, plans to make similar partnerships for each vertical it addresses, Rude Baguette has learned. While the company’s sensors can be used virtually anywhere (a similar positioning to, they are working with vertical leaders (in this case, software, but we’ll see if that continues to be the trend in the future) to bring their product to market.