The #1 German industrial employer in France, Bosch 2014 results show €2.21 Billion in sales in France

May 19, 2015
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Photo © BOSCH / Nils Krüger 

Out of its total annual revenue of nearly €50 Billion, Bosch saw €2.21 Billion in sales in France, where it counts 7,700 employees (out of its total workforce of 360,000). The German group is hot off a series of acquisitions – most notably, it acquired Siemens’ stake in the Bosch-Siemens co-venture, and acquired automative company ZF Lenksysteme. In total, Bosch has invested more than €50 Million into France in 2014, and will continue to invest through 2015, in the form of new hires & operations.

Bosch continues to role out its global strategy of Industry 4,0, which it demonstrated not only at CES at the beginning of the year, but at its own annual Connected World event for the Internet of Things. Indeed, as a partner in this year’s Connected Conference, Bosch will be demonstrating the magnitude of its IoT ecosystem, as well as its growing line of connected products.

Bosch has come to embody Germany’s push to transform itself from an industrial player, which has seen the country prosper well in the last 70 years, into a Connected country. Germany is in a pivotal moment, and it can look to Detroit & Japan as examples of what not to do. Detroit resisted the evolution of the automobile industry and its dependency on a strong economy, while Japan focused on its just-in-time manufacturing, meanwhile missing out on some very quick technology shifts. Germany has carved out a solid place in the Industrial sector, and as the Industrial sector becomes increasing connected, it will be the ultimate test to see how Germany reacts to the Connected movement.