Zenpark raises €1.6 million to expand its shared parking service across France

Jan 23, 2015
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The reported #1 in shared parking, Zenpark, has just closed a €1.6 million round to expand its automated shared parking service across France. The latest round was led by Demeter Partners and Nestadio Capital, with Pole Capital also participating.

Founded in 2011 and currently available just in the Paris region, cofounders William Rosenfeld, Fabrice Marguerie and Frédéric Sebban are looking to bring their automated shared parking solution to new cities in France. In order to expand their model, Zendesk draws on key partners such as individual parking space owners, hotels, and parking garage owners to identify available parking inventory for their users. Similar to other sharing economy businesses, they position their service as a win-win for both parking space ‘owners’ and potential users as the owner can use the space as a way to generate some extra cash and the user can more easily find available parking, a big problem in most urban areas.

Currently Zenpark has 40 shared parking locations where users can find a reserve available spaces online or via a mobile app. There’s certainly a demand for their service as they’ve been growing an average of 40% per month for the past two years.