Adobe acquisitions in France total $1.4 Billion in last 18 Months

Dec 15, 2014
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With the announcement of its acquisition of stock image site Fotolia last week for $800 Million, Adobe is looking to take its Creative Cloud product, which now counts nearly 3.5 Million subscribers, to the forefront of its business. Adobe’s been moving aggressively to a cloud-based business, weaning itself off of its legacy desktop software business, which has long since been ripe with illegal downloads and lost revenue. Fotolia will help Adobe further monetize its Creative Cloud clients.

Last year, Adobe made another significant purchase – namely, that of Neolane, which has since been rolled into Adobe Marketing Cloud. The acquisition came in at $600 Million – not bad for a company that reported 1/10th of that in their 2012 earnings.

Adobe’s been doubling down on bringing its solution for the creating & marketing professionals to the next stage of the internet, including building its own Wacom-competing tablet app & stylus.