Dynadmic raises $3 Million for their cookie-less targeted Video Ad Platform

Sep 16, 2014
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Video Ad Startup Dynadmic has raised $3 Million from Xange, the company announced this week. Boasting Red Bull, BMW & Peugeot among its clients, Dynadmic provides cookie-less targeted video ads, leveraging contextual information to provide better ad-targeting.

Founded by Stephane Bonjean and Bruno Champion, the company is active in 18 countries, employs 30 people, and is a leading Video Advertising provider in Brazil & France.

The video advertising market is largely crowded – eBuzzing & Teads, VidCoin, StickyAdsTV, among others – and given that the AdTech market is getting punished in Wall Street, it’s hard to imagine that all these players will be able to stand alone forever.

On the other side, Twitter, Google & Facebook (the big three in advertising & content) all have their own video advertising solutions. While some allow for programatic players to sync in, the space for independent video advertising solutions is shrinking.

Consolidation is inevitable in this space, and Dynadmic’s fundraising means they are either poising them selves for an acquisition, or to be an acquirer.