Orange’s Sosh to answer Bouygues and launch low-cost fiber offer

Jul 1, 2014
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Following Bouygues’ announcement of a 25.99 / month fiber option, Orange has announced that they will also launch a more affordable combined mobile + box fiber option via their ultra low-cost brand Sosh. Up until now, only standard ADSL high-speed internet access has been available to Sosh’s customers. With the new fiber option they’ll  now have the ability to access up to 200 megabits per second descending (50 megabits per second ascending).

The fiber option will only be an additional 5 euros on the current monthly price options, although 4G mobile will only be available starting at 44,99 eur/month mobile + box option. All offers will come with a Livebox Play (free for the two top-end options and 5 euros/month for the two lower end)  which will be installed for free by Orange / Sosh. Orange will maintain its current approach, keeping Sosh’s offers ‘non-engagement’ and web access only for mobile. With 2.1 million mobile + box clients already on Sosh, Orange may soon see a nice, new uptick in fiber migrations.