Join 350 Growth Hackers & the Rude Baguette team at Tuesday’s Meetup in Paris

Dec 2, 2013
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Growth Hacking Paris

This week the 3rd edition of the Paris Growth Hackers meetup is happening this week, and the event has grown quickly, with 350 currently planning to attend tomorrow’s event. In addition to TheFamily’s Oussama Ammar and Mention’s Clement Delangue, the event will be kicked off by Rude Baguette’s own Joël Galeran, who joins the Rude Baguette team this month as our first full-time web developer, having previously worked for a year and a half at Minute Buzz.

Joel will be heading up the technical side of our growth hacking – don’t worry, we won’t be spamming you to like our page – as well as working with us on building some new tools for the community and for our journalists, so don’t be too surprised at the changes in the coming months.

highres_301263032The Growth Hacking event has become a quick success in Paris as an event – adopting Silicon Valley-style approaches to growth seem to be the mode de jour. While the event in in French, the attitude is clearly not, and, as long as they don’t run out of Growth Hackers (not as many overnight successes in France as in the SIlicon Valley), the event should have a bright future.