Partnering with Boku, Deezer subscribers in Germany can now pay directly from their mobile operator

Nov 14, 2013
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Direct operator billing company Boku announced this week that starting today, Deezer users in Germany will be able to pay their Deezer subscription directly from their mobile operator. Whether on Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom or otherwise, Deezer’s new partnership means that users subscribing to Deezer+ & Deezer premium will be able to pay that subscription bill directly via their mobile operator, meaning one less bill-line in your monthly bank statement.

Given Boku’s global presence, the agreement is expected to roll out in other geographies as well – a similar direct partnership between Deezer & Orange (who has a minority stake in the online music service), but this is the first time that Deezer is teaming up with other operators, inside or outside of France.

Boku provides billing for merchants to operators all over the world – after launching in 2010 in France, they expanded coverage to SFR & Bouygues Telecom back in 2011, and currently provide the service to the majority of mobile users.

Deezer also announced recently that, in addition to new product features, they had hired the founder of German music service simfy as the VP of Europe, counting now over 5 million paying subscribers on the service.