Former Etsy country manager Stephanie Tramicheck hired as MD France at Pinterest

Sep 3, 2013
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After announcing their launch in France earlier this year, Pinterest has chosen its country manager, according to Frenchweb. Serial entrepreneur and former country manager of France for Etsy Stephanie Tramicheck is said to have recently taken the role of country manager for the company, heading up operations & market expansion in France.

Sources close to the company say that Tramicheck has already begun interviewing for the now-available Community Manager, France role ( at Pinterest. Tramicheck previously worked at Etsy from September 2009 to January 2013, having left when the company began to make its push in Europe (they opened their official European HQ in Dublin earlier this year).

Activity for Social Networks has picked up quickly in France in the past few months. While Pinterest only spent 4 months headhunting this position, Twitter recently beefed up its team, moving Katie Stanton, who is Head of International at Twitter, to the Paris office, from which she will manage the European expansion.

With $200 Million in the bank and proper feet on the ground, Pinterest will be able to strike up deals with local brands & partners, pushing its presence into the market.