EEMI, Xavier Niel’s other internet school, to expand into former La Cantine office space

Aug 6, 2013
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EEMI Founders

With the ‘success‘ of Silicon Sentier’s #cobatissons crowdfunding campaign, the group is set to move into its new giant office space, which will allow it to bring together the previously separate LeCamping accelerator & La Cantine coworking space, in addition to adding a more proper event space and some conference rooms. However, for those who have come to love the black walls and passage lighting of La Cantine, news[fr] that EEMI, the Internet school founded by Marc Simoncini, Jacques-Antoine Granjon, and Xavier Niel, will be moving into this space may come to a delight to those hoping that he space will remain within the technology ecosystem.

According to the announcement, the new space will allow EEMI, which also has other space in the same neighborhood, to grow its budding University. Founded in 2011, the EEMI school currently offers a 3-5 year curriculum, focused specifically on adapting professionals and students with a business background to the digital business, including e-marketing, web design, and even a bit of programming.

While Niel’s other school, 42BornToCode, has got more attention in recent months since its launch this year, EEMI represents just one of the many axes on which education is evolving towards digital.

h/t to Clubic Pro for picking up the story