[INFOGRAPHIC] Mobile penetration is 108% in France, and 15% of the country owns a Tablet

May 27, 2013
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Mobile Study

I am often asked by other journalists, entrepreneurs, and investors why I cover the French tech market. In an effort to avoid the disappointingly obvious “it’s because I live here” answer, I have always said that it is because France is a country of people with a higher than average level of education and a higher than average access to internet and mobile. A recent study produced by Outbrain on Mobile Marketing, the Israeli-turned New York startup took at the history of Mobile in France, which revealed some quite interesting results.

Among other results, the study found that there are more mobile subscription (70.5 Million) plans than citizens (65 Million), meaning that Mobile penetration has surpassed 100%. 41% of those subscriptions are smartphones, 58% of which are Android (as opposed to 25% iOS).