IDInvest drops another $3 Million into Weemo for their WebRTC API – do they see something I don’t?

May 21, 2013
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Weemo Screengrab

Founded by Thomas Cottereau, video collaboration solution for businesses Weemo has raised $3 Million from IDInvest, according to Venturebeat. Founded in 2007, Weemo allows businesses to plug video conferencing directly into their applications with a few lines of code, and thus is pitting itself directly against competitors like Vidyo, Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft, as VB points out. The company recently released the Weemo REST API, and hopes to make integrating video cloud communications easier than ever, offering their service on a SaaS model.

The company, based out of San Francisco & Paris, the company is likely going to have a very difficult time convincing clients to pay for a technology (the technology, it would seem, is built on a combination of WebRTC, Javascript, and other web standards) that is becoming more widely available. Companies as little as Videodesk & as big as Google are already leveraging this technology in their products, and while Weemo may be coming at the problem from a unique approach, there may be unforeseen competition entering the market in the next few years, realizing that with the flip of a switch they can be competing in the video conferencing market.

With the company’s Paris office located in Issy Les Moulineaux, I’ll be keeping a close eye on how their technology evolves over the next few years – clearly IDInvest sees something beyond what I see, which is a very low barrier to entry in a market that has a lot of current and potential competitors.