TNW’s Startup World global search for the next Zuckerberg comes to Paris April 30th

Apr 22, 2013
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Startup World Paris

The Startup World global competition “to find the next Jobs or Zuckerberg” is coming to Paris April 30th at 7PM at LeCamping. Organized by TheNextWeb’s Hermione Way & Erick Davidson, regional winners from each of the 36 cities competing in the global competition will be flown to Silicon Valley and compete for a chance to be incubated at I/O Ventures, sponsored by France Digitale.

The purpose of the event is to find the next Facebook or Google, recognizing that that company may not necessarily be located in the Silicon Valley, but that putting it there might help a bit. In order to apply, startups must be less than 2 years old, have raised no more than $900K, and have a product already launched. Selected startups will be announced tomorrow (you can still apply today), and will be judged by Partech International’s Romain Lavault, BlablaCar COO Nicolas Brusson, ISAI GM Jean-David Chamboredon & Malinea CEO Catherine Barba.

The event has already taken place in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro, Lima, Cape Town, San Francisco, & Los Angeles, and continues to happen all over the world in cities like London (April 29th) and Berlin (May 3rd).

Startups are recommended to apply today to compete, and I say go for it. After all, a trip to the Silicon Valley is never to be refused. Good luck!