Unishared launches VideoNotes, a Google Drive App that allows you to take notes during your online courses

Apr 10, 2013
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Videonotes Screengrab

Online education startup Unishared released this week their latest tool for empowering online learning, VideoNotes. The Chrome Extension(UPDATE: The released product is actually a Google Drive App, which means it works on all browsers) allows online learners to ditch their pen & paper (after all, you’ve already ditched the lecture hall), and use a collaborative, smart note-taking platform to keep track of notes. The first iteration of the extension app is compatible with YouTube, Coursera, Udactiy & EdX.

The application allows user to use shortcuts to pause & play video, jump to a part of the lecture just by clicking the line of notes, and everything is synced up to Google Drive for safe-keeping.

Unishared founders Clement Delangue & Arnaud Breton were recently accepted into the Silicon Valley EduTech accelerator Imagine K12, and see online learnig as a growing trend. They site services like  Accredible, Study Room and Degreed as leading the way towards legitimizing online learning by providing the ability to evaluate your online learning courses into a e-accreditation. With Unishared’s online leanring notes-taking platform, many students are already collaborating in and outside of the classroom, and this new tool will enable online learners to make use of Unishared’s platform in a whole new way.

Try out the Chrome Extension App! today!