Rocket Internet’s coupon aggregator CupoNation partners with Habitat, Marionnaud, and Levi’s for launch in France

Apr 10, 2013
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German savings platform CupNation has launched in France today, partnering with local retail stores Habitat, Marionnaud, and even Levi’s in France. This is the startup’s eighth market, having already launched in India, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Austria, India and Brazil. The startup also announced they have hired Marc-Antoine Thiriat, a former product development intern at l’Oreal, as their country manager for France – this falls in line with the typical setup for Rocket Internet companies, who tend to hire young ambitious techies with enough previous experience to beat the learning curve.

Cuponation promises up to 60% savings for users at their favorite stores, both online and offline. The site currently offers discounts for items pertaining to fashion, cosmetics, sports, travel, and books, targeting “digital shoppers.” Their site already has some pretty well-known French brands on board, like RueDuCommerce, Micromania,, even Futuroscope.

Country Manager Marc-Antoine Thiriat had the following to say about the announcement:

“Today, many internet users waste money when buying online: most consumers don’t know about the rebates and discounts that almost every major store and brand offer. With Cuponation, we want to change that by offering a platform where our users can easily find discounts for all of their favorite brands.”

I personally don’t know of any equivalent service that exists in France today, so I’m looking forward to giving this a whirl.