Paris’ Iris Capital & Cologne’s Capnamic Ventures team up to invest in early stage German tech startups

Mar 14, 2013
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Iris Capital, who manages Orange & Publicis’ 500 Million euro fund, and Capnamic Ventures, who just launched its fund last month (covered here on The Pirates Inn, an English-language tech blog covering the Cologne region), have announced a partnership whereby the two will co-invest in german early-stage startups. Capnamic will manage the selection process, and Iris will come in on top and co-invest, which means two awesome things:

  1. More cross border deal-flow, which I just mentioned this morning in regards to Mention’s Franco-German seed round – this is great for startups
  2. Capnamic, a relatively new Cologne-based fund, just got a lot more firepower to bring to startups

iris & capnamic

For early-stage startups in Germany, Capnamic, along with Earlybird & Point Nine, look to be positioning themselves to fill the seed round gap that has existed in Germany for quite some time. This is great news for German startups, and great news for French startups looking for funds in Germany.

Together, the two funds will work together to help both their portfolio companies to benefit from their combined network in North America, Asia & the Middle East. The co-investments may also include late-stage companies.