Want to share an office with the Rude Baguette? Find out how.

Dec 20, 2012
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one-of-the-staples-of-the-pinterest-office-is-the-beloved-foosball-table-in-the-back-room-playing-foosball-while-brainstorming-or-discussing-projects-is-encouragedRude Baguette will be moving into a new office space in early 2013, and we’ve got enough room for a few extra startups who are looking for the cheapest office space you’ll ever find. The office is located on rue Faubourg St. Denis, just on the edge of the startup district in Paris, about 3 minutes walk from the metro lines 4.8 and.9. It will be equipped with desks, chairs, internet a conference room, a kitchen/waiting room (salle d’attente, ’cause it sounds so much more fancy in French), stocked with nespresso coffee, and is a completely new office space with windows on two sides – in short, it’s a sexy office and it’s all ours.

We don’t like working alone, and we know how much of a pain in the ass it is to get an office space, so we’ve taken the liberty of getting enough space for 24 extra bodies, broken up into 3-4 different rooms depending on configuration. We’ll be ideally looking for startups outgrowing their 20m² incubator office, but we’re of course willing to talk to bigger teams, and individuals.

The price will be 200€/per person/month for rent, and 50€ per month for internet, coffee, and a weekly maid. We’ve already had interest from about a dozen people with whom we’ve spoken already, but we’ll be going on a first-come, first-serve system. In the American spirit, we’ll be asking for first & last month’s rent up front, though we’ll be asking for 6-month minimum commitments.

In the same vein as l’After has done (just a few blocks away, coincidentally), we’ll be looking to create a real shared office community. Startups will be free to ask questions among each other – there are no closed doors, though there are thick walls to separate each room – and Rude Baguette will always be available to offer a bit of advice when needed. We will often invite our interview guests to join us at the office, including VCs, serial entrepreneurs, and out of town guests, and while we expect things to remain convivial, there will always remain a respect for those who need to get shit done.

Any interested parties can email me directly at liam@rudebaguette.com – if you want more details, comment below and i’ll update the article as needed. We don’t have photos just yet, but we’ll share them with anyone who contacts us once we have them.