Registration Open || Startup Weekend Paris May 25th!

Apr 4, 2012
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With the amazing success of Startup Weekend’s special edition last weekend, registration opens today for the NEXT Startup Weekend. The event will be 50% developers, 25% designers, and 25% Non-Technical (i.e: Biz Guys), with an emphasis put on putting the Action back into the Startup Weekend motto “no talk. all action.”

You can catch a great wrap-up (I say ‘great’ because I wrote it) of last weekend’s event, but I’ll try to give a quick one-sentence run-on summary: Over 80% developers/designers spent 54 hours (some never even went home!) at DojoBoost Accelerator Program creating great demos and businesses, with winners including a dating site / stalker-app , drag-and-drop file-sharing, and family-friendly smartphone apps for tourist attractions. *breath*
Eventbrite - Startup Weekend Paris | May 25th-27th

The pricing for the last event caused a few head-turns – with Biz Guy tickets priced at 200 euros – however, it was pretty exciting to see how they faired. Without naming names, I know that two of the winning teams contained participants who had felt that the startup weekend experience was worth the price – and we had enough startups clawing at the doors during the weekend hoping to get some networking time in. For this upcoming event, we’ve decided to even things out: Developer and Designer tickets will cost 60 euros (only 40 euros for students who put in promo code “STUDENT”) and Non-Technical tickets will be 80 euros, or 60 euros for students. We have limited the ticket sales to 80 people, so you’ll definitely want to get your tickets now!