In Paris for LeWeb? Let show you a good time…

Dec 8, 2011
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There are 2 times per year when my inbox gets flooded with “Hey Roxanne, what should I do in Paris?!” emails: during summer and LeWeb. Usually I send my friends a few random things to do, like see a Chopin concert in the Eglise Julien le Pauvre near Saint Germain or go to the 5th floor of the Louis Vuitton building via the “secret” elevator for the hands-down best view of Paris and other weird things as well.

Oh, and then I tell people my favorite Paris bar.

Yep, it’s true. I have a favorite bar in Paris. It’s my go-to bar for everything, actually. Whether it be an afternoon drink on Sunday (hey, it happens) or a Friday night fiesta. But to ensure that I continue to receive emails from my long lost friends when they come to Paris, I’m not going to give away my favorite bar here – even though I’m sure a lot of this week’s LeWeb foreign attendees might like to check it out.

Wondering what bars the French people go to? Check out

But if you are in town for LeWeb and you’re planning on grabbing a drink in Paris, don’t simply go to your hotel bar (unless you are staying at 112 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré). Instead, check out the site of a brand new French startup, Unfortunately the site is only available in French but you can see a number of bars hand-picked by the team and get their addresses. And if you are interested in going, the site allows you to purchase a voucher to drink up to €20 for only €12. You could also offer a voucher to someone else – once you make a purchase, the site sends an e-voucher to your email address and all you have to do is show it to the bar tender when you pay. And your bill will be €20 cheaper.

A suggestion for next year’s LeWeb event…

So this year and in the past, Uber and Airbnb have been able to offer their services to certain LeWeb attendees with perks. But LeWeb should be about more than simply bringing Silicon Valley to Paris – it should also be about exposing American and foreign entrepreneurs to some of the newer French online services to properly experience Paris while they are in town. So I’d like to propose that next year, LeWeb include a few local services for the foreigners to try out while they are in town. It could be anything from Restopolitan (to make a restaurant booking online) to MyLittleParis (to find out some of the most original, underground things to do while in town). And if you have a service that you think this year’s LeWeb attendees may want to consider trying while they’re here, feel free to note it in the comments…