Announcing the RudeBaguette Tshirt contest

Nov 24, 2011
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Even though you may not realize it, fashion is kind of a big deal in the startup world. I’m not talking about haute couture à la Dior and Chanel – but the stuff Mark Zuckerberg wears. Or Steve Jobs. Yes, I’m talking about the laid-back Google dress-code. The simplicity, practicality and functionality of good old jeans and a t-shirt.

Everybody wears t-shirts, sometimes.


(For anyone who hasn’t seen Can’t Hardly Wait, these guys are describing the unique characteristics of the person she is looking for: he has “kind of brown hair,” “is kinda tall,” and “wears tshirts…sometimes.”)

So where’s the fashion in t-shirts?

For anyone who has been to a conference lately, you’ve surely noticed that startups are getting more and more into designing cool t-shirts. You can check out some of Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry’s favorites here. Having a good t-shirt can help a startup get noticed, can help generate conversation and help with brand awareness. In fact, there are people who make a living wearing T-shirts for startups. Oddly enough, I am yet to come across someone who does this in France – or Europe for that matter! I actually have offered to wear T-shirts for startups at conferences for FREE and even though several startups replied that they were interested, nobody ended up sending over a T-shirt.

Pardon my RUDE t-shirt.

Liam and I decided that we would like to help French startups get a little more attention by designing a RudeBaguette T-shirt. On the front of our shirt, we’ll be featuring our famous RUDE tagline, “Pardon my French.” And on the back, we’ll have the logos of  3 French companies.

One of those startups will be selected through a vote on our Facebook Page. Companies are free to add their own names and ask people to vote. And voters can vote as many times as they like. The startup with the most votes on December 29th will score a free spot on the back of our shirt. We’ll be announcing the winner on our blog on Monday morning…so I guess this means, good luck!